From London to Romania

Originally posted on An international girl in London:
When it comes about experience you can always learn from other people’s knowledge. But what happens when someone like you shares their experience with you?…

Have 5 Things I love about PR!

  1.Variety of opportunities. PR is the new Black for sure! No matter if we talk about the fashion industry, music, digital, public affairs or the corporate field, etc. Public Relations are in… Continue reading

Let’s kick off #fightstereotypes #united4change !

Hello there! I joined forces with my friend Andreea Caraveteanu and decided to launch a new campaign called “ Fight stereotypes. United 4 change”. The campaign’s aim is to change the way Romania/Romanians… Continue reading

Buzz Fuzz: Kickstarter

I have to admit that I didn’t know about Kickstarter until recently. The whole concept it’s going to become massive in a few years. Basically, if you have an idea for a project… Continue reading

Facebook & Twitter

Hey hey, I have to say that I’m more active on Facebook and Twitter. I don’t really have time right now for new blog posts. but they are in progress as I have… Continue reading

Thank you!!!

I don’t really know what to say, words are not enough to describe what I feel right now. This is like my biggest accomplishment so far. Guys, a sincere and grateful Thank you!… Continue reading

How do us Brits see the Romanian students.

One of my British classmates was kind enough to share her opinion about Romanians based on her experience with us, the 7 Romanian girls studying PR. Alexa Nash, you’re killing it! Have Five! How do… Continue reading

Conference: “Defence strategies are part of crisis management.”

The end of the semester is almost here and the only word coming in my mind is DEADLINES! Currently I have to write: 1 debate, 2 pitches, 3 reports around 1000 words each… Continue reading

Sweet Dynamo

What I really like at my course, is the fact that every week we have speakers from the industry. I do believe that they have a major influence, not only for our knowledge,… Continue reading

Have Five: How Romanian students are seen from a Romanian’s experience.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you my lovely colleague Sintia Fanea, a fierce and  unstoppable young lady from Satu Mare. Here are her Have Five facts: 1. ‘Romanian? Haaahh, awesome! Dracula!’  Yes, once you… Continue reading