Have Five: How Romanian students are seen from a Romanian’s experience.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you my lovely colleague Sintia Fanea, a fierce and  unstoppable young lady from Satu Mare.

Here are her Have Five facts:

1. ‘Romanian? Haaahh, awesome! Dracula!’

 Yes, once you slipped the word that you are from Count Dracula’s land everybody immediately subtly touches their silver crosses. Just in case.

2.‘How come your English is so good? I wasn’t exactly expecting this!

’TIP: if this wasn’t impressive enough for them, try telling them you’ve been studying it for at least 12 years now, or that you are actually a polyglot. You’ll be like a God/dess.

3.‘Romania? That’s uhm..errrr… where? Is it in Europe?’

Hahahaha, Jeez no. It’s somewhere between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan! But, for some reason, we are in the EU as well. I guess we’re just special.

4.‘Your language sounds like Russian combined with Spanish!’

*insert history lesson about the Latin roots and Slavic influences here*

 5.‘God, you’re so dedicated to your work at Uni!’

B* please, after learning hundreds of pages of literary analysis by heart in high school, writing press releases and pitching is a piece of cake!

         Thank you Sintia! For more of what you just tasted check out her work here:

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