Sweet Dynamo

What I really like at my course, is the fact that every week we have speakers from the industry. I do believe that they have a major influence, not only for our knowledge, but also for the direction of our careers. Until last week I didn’t really took into consideration Digital PR, that was before I heard about the youngest baby blogger.

Dynamo took the market by storm, the PR consultancy just won the award for Best Small Consultancy at the PRWeek Awards 2014. Also, they have just been nominated for best Consumer, Technology, and Consultancy PRCA awards. The presentation in my class was held by the co-founder of Dynamo, Peter Bowles. He began by introducing his experience and the way he started his career, and I have to say, it stands for what the concept of viral is nowadays.

Another project of the company that really draw my attention is Bathroom Sweets. One of the most creative ideas of how to promote, oh well…Bathrooms! The campaign had a massive coverage all over the world, as it was expected. I mean, who wouldn’t love a bathroom made of chocolate?


Their latest PR team concentrates on wearable technology, they partnered up with Bluesmart, as they just launched The First Smart Suitcase. Definitely would save me from a lot of trouble, as I have a natural talent at losing things.


Keep in mind, Dynamo is the firm to watch for! I do believe they are about to become a major player in the industry.

Check out their work here: http://www.dynamopr.com/