How do us Brits see the Romanian students.

One of my British classmates was kind enough to share her opinion about Romanians based on her experience with us, the 7 Romanian girls studying PR.

Alexa Nash, you’re killing it!

Have Five! How do us Brits see the Romanian students…..

1. WHY DO THEY STUDY SO HARD !!!!???? Seriously, all the Romanian students I know seem to love studying, makes us look bad, makes me feel bad…does it motivate me more, naah sadly it doesn’t. I think we are a bit spoilt.

2. Their English is better than mine: I’m not kidding, all the Romanian girls ( who I love dearly) have like the best grammar and punctuation, I’ve been studying the language my whole life and I f*** it up most of the time, but these beautiful goddesses walk around knowing a million languages and have the perfect grammar and punctuation to accompany it !

3. Current affairs: They know everything about everything and I know nothing about nothing…. They are a nation of going the extra mile and it does inspire me slightly to pull my finger out.

4. They are party animals…. Don’t do what I did and drink home made Romanian alcohol, it will put hairs on your chest ( I’m a girl and I don’t want hairs on my chest) They will shame you by drinking you under the table, you will wake up in the morning with a hangover and the shame in being out drunk 😥

5. A nation of stunner’s: Each and every Romanian person that I have met have been genuinely kind and lovely (well except one but you do need to have at least one p*** in every country, makes everyone else seem even more amazing) They are strong and ambitious people and although they have to deal with the stupid ignorant people who thinks that they are all gypsies (THEY AREN’T !) they get on with it…..

I love studying with Romanian students, they really are helping to make my experience at uni.

Thank you  Alex!

I hope you guys enjoyed  the article, more to follow!

With Love,

Bianca Rosu