Thank you!!!

I don’t really know what to say, words are not enough to describe what I feel right now. This is like my biggest accomplishment so far. Guys, a sincere and grateful Thank you!

Yesterday: csacdv

Now: I am awake cuz Deadlines, my new bffs. 2

I tried since the beginning to focus not only on PR, but also on the idea of a Romanian student experience, as I know how many stereotypes are out there. I didn’t want just to present my facts and views, because in the end who am I and why anyone should believe me? Coming here to study was the best decision that I ever made, even though my family didn’t approved at the beginning. Let’s just say I had the right person at the right time around me, who made me realize that it’s my life and I have to fight for what I want. I grew up so much as a person since I am here. I don’t want to send out the wrong message and say that everything is perfect, because it’s not. I had to deal with some ugly things as well, mainly because of myself, sometimes “You are your own worst enemy”.

I have to say that now I feel a certain level of pressure, as I unexpectedly reached out so many people.  I am a little bit scared! But I decided that I’m just going to be myself, as it worked out well so far. Yes, I will probably make mistakes, but I’m okay with that. I’m in my second year and still in the learning process. I am aware that I can’t please everyone, but I’m completely open to constructive criticism. I hope that my future posts will keep your interest and if you have any topics that you think I should approach just leave me a comment. Thank you again lovely readers! Also thanks Alex and Sintia! ❤

P.S. : Dreams do come true! 10426235_10152892510971840_8503701332676243067_n