Have 5 Things I love about PR!


1.Variety of opportunities.

PR is the new Black for sure! No matter if we talk about the fashion industry, music, digital, public affairs or the corporate field, etc. Public Relations are in need everywhere. You’re not limited and you evolve constantly.

2.The Excitement.

As a PR, you can’t get bored from the basic press release that might become an article in a newspaper to planning a national campaign or representing a major firm. The possibilities being endless, you can always use your creativity and improve your skills.

3.PR is smart!

It’s not all about PR itself; you have to be aware of how journalism works in order to build connections. Marketing plays an important role as well and, in order to “persuade” the audience, you have to understand it .

4. Storytelling.

Everything has a story behind it and in order for your target audience to emphasize with it, it has to be a good one. This reminds me of what Lord Tim Bell, the ultimate “spin doctor”and  Margaret Thatcher’s adviser said during an event I attended: “ The business is about capturing people’s imagination”.

5.Third party endorsement.

When it comes to third party endorsement, one of the best aspects might be that usually is not paid for. Here, the connections you have are the ones that matters.


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