From London to Romania

My lovely colleague Oana asked me to answer a few questions regarding my experience. Have a look 😀

An international girl in London

When it comes about experience you can always learn from other people’s knowledge. But what happens when someone like you shares their experience with you? I strongly believe that when you see someone who’s from the same country as you living their “London dream” in an extraordinary way, you won’t be confused anymore and you’ll start thinking seriously about what would be best for you.

Bianca Rosu is a Romanian second year Public Relations and Advertising student at University of Westminster.


  1. What are you studying and what is the best thing about your course?

“I am studying Public Relations and Advertising. The best thing about my course would be the creative aspect. Thinking out of the box while I have my abilities challenged every time, represents a great way to enhance my knowledge and expand my horizons.”

  1. Can you please tell me why did you choose to come and study…

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